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Forum Rules

Postby dadeadguy » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:58 pm

Short and not hard to follow.


* No Double Posting unless necessary, we have a edit button!

* No Flaming: Insulting, Racism, personal attacks and other harassment!

* Use the search button to be sure your topic has not been created!

* Ask a Moderator or Administrator before calling a thread "OFFICIAL"

* Ask a Moderator or Administrator if unsure, they are here to help

* No Provoking

* Respect Moderators and Administrators

* Do NOT beg for rank ups or Level ups

* Post the right topic in the right category

* Read the stickies in each board before posting

* Be yourself

Other Rules:

* Signature cannot be over 600 wide

* Avatars will be re-sized in case of height and width over 100x100

* DO not complain about issues simply report them.

* Have Fun

* Be polite to new visitors and help them out

* No Nudity or Pornographic Pictures


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