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...It's not a name chosen out of arrogance. It is a description of who we are. Our core belief is that the best gamer is the gamer still standing. Every time you are down, your team falters. By staying alive and in the game, your team succeeds. WDD accomplishes this by only accepting players who concentrate on what is best for the team and not on individual goals. Trophies and accomplishments will come with the team's success. We were founded in Resistance 2 and were the winners of the INSOMNIAC/SONY CO-OP CHALLENGE due to our ability to keep 'All Guns Blazing'. Keep your team in the game and you will win! That is what WDD is really all about!

History of WDD

January 2009 - present

While playing Resistance 2 Co Op multiplayer, it became very apparent that there was a certain game style that would make a team successful and earn lots of points for each person in the squad. Because it became tiresome to have to teach this style to new people every game, Dabear, along with Steak, and Dadeadguy decided to start a clan, based on the people that we thought played a similar style. The clan grew to over 110 players that all followed the WDD style. We felt that this game style would be successful in other games so we expanded the clan to other game fronts. We assigned some of our senior members to an OIC (Officer in Charge) status. These OICís taught our game style to lots of gamers in their individual games and we became leaders in many game fronts. Modern Warfare 2, MAG, Battlefield Bad Company2, Uncharted 2 all became games that WDD was successful at. We were flooded with requests to join WDD. We created a clan that was based on Team Play. This was what everyone really needed. At one point, WDD was over 260 gamers strong with people from all over the globe participating and leading our clan. We felt we may have out grown our ability to effectively lead, and therefore, teach, the WDD method to successful gaming. At this point we then trimmed our numbers back to a core of 70 people. Everyday, we are forced to turn good players away because, they are just that, good gamers, but not Team players. Tons of gamers can make 50 headshots while their team falls around them and the match is lost. This would not be playing WDD's style of TEAM PLAY! We have always been so successful at what we do that we won Insomniac Games/Sony Resistance 2 Co Op Tournament. From all of the teams, our two teams placed in the top 10 with one team winning the whole thing. This is an accomplishment of deep pride for our clan. This was not an easy challenge and the ladders we competed in were deep, but in the end the WDD style, proved be the most successful method and still revered today.
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